Clitheroe Club reminiscences

Tea cakes and memories

By Beverley Small

Clitheroe Club lobby
by Beverley Small
Clitheroe Club lounge
by Beverley Small
Our Oxhey display
by Beverley Small
Members photos
by Beverley Small

The Our Oxhey Group visited the Clitheroe Club on Thursday 16th February 2012 to collect memories from club members.

Tea and cake

Tea and homemade cakes were on offer to club members.  For those who wanted to share their memories, there was the chance to sit and reminisce while volunteers from Our Oxhey transcribed their memories, and some people were also recorded whilst they remembered.


Many of the club members have lived in Oxhey for many years, whilst some are more recent residents.  Some remembered moving in not long after the estate of South Oxhey was built, and how few facilities there were at that time.  And they recalled the changes they had seen over the years, to the shops, the landscape and the people.

The Clitheroe Club is moving

The Clitheroe Club will have a new home in 2012 when they set up in a new building next door to the old location.  How will they enjoy the Bingo, the Knit and Natter, the Christmas party, the summer BBQ and the days out in their new premises?

Do you have any memories of the Clitheroe Club, why not share them with us?

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  • I would go to the club as a young teen and make tea for the older folks after school. Met a lovely couple named Mr and Mrs Limer who lived in one of the bungalows. They gave me a kitten.

    By Daphne (18/01/2018)
  • I remember Mr and Mrs Limer. When I was in the Brownies, Lillian Booth who was the Brown Owl took a group of us to see Mr and Mrs Limer and we did some small jobs for them to earn some of our badges, a lovely couple. Their names have come up several times recently, nice to know they are remembered.

    By Susan Waller (19/01/2018)