Work and shops

Tea cakes and memories

Member of the Clitheroe Club
by Beverley Small

I moved here in 1948.  There were no roads when we came here and no shops, the vans came round with the food.

My jobs

I worked in three shops and the Navy Base as a cleaner for the officers quarters, and changed their beds.  I worked in the green grocers for 20 years.  It was called Den’s after the man who owned it.  After he sold it, he had a flower stall at Northwood station.

The milkman

My husband was a milkman for the Express Dairy for 39 years.  We went to Paris, when he won a competition for selling the most food for  Express Dairy.

Shops that have gone

There were no shops when I first came here.  The Express Dairy shop was where the butchers is now.  There was Perks, Liptons, Tesco next door to the washing machine shop, Sainsburys, Co-op, and Boots.

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