Catching the train

Carpenders Park station

By Beverley Small

Carpenders Park station sign
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Do you use the station to get to work, or to go shopping?

Where do you go, why not leave us some memories…

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  • Can you remember when the new station was built to replace the old station. We were informed at the time that this would be a modern station with a longer Island Platform to cater for the longer trains of the future. However, we witnessed the length of the trains reduced from six carriages to three, and only recently being increased to four carriages, since being taken over by ‘Overground’ .

    By Arthur Hall (04/12/2011)
  • I remember the old Carpenders Park Station – as a kid (10/11 yrs old 1951) I spent many hours standing outside the station with a wooden barrow that my father made loaded with plants he had grown – tomato plants and bedding plants etc., he was a very keen gardener and I spent many hours in the greenhouse pricking out seedlings and watering which ended up on the barrow and sold to supplement the family income – we also had a large allotment at the bottom of a very long garden which kept our family supplied with fresh fruit and veg – the surplus was also on the barrow. Living in Woodhall Lane we could look out of the bedroom window and watch the steam trains – my father worked on the railway for many years.

    By Josephine Parsons (nee Searle) (12/12/2010)