Carpenders Park - St Meryl Estate (Dr Leeslow)

Arthur Hall

Carpenders Park - St Meryl Estate

Regarding a comment, that I made In Carpenders Park (St Meryl Estate) this picture shows Chalk Hill, and on the right looking towards Bushey Arches Dr Leeslows Surgery was situated.

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  • We went to the Chalk Hill surgery in the 50s and 60s from the St Meryl estate, an old house with steep stairs to be seen, our family doctor was Jarman.

    By Stu Duncan (10/10/2021)
  • Dr Lees-Low was my Doctor from the 1940s throu the 1950s and my parents back in the 1930s,i still have my Medical card with his name on from 1948.

    By phillip Rees (11/05/2020)