Photos of Falkirk Gardens Coronation Party

As a family (Sawyer) we were moved from Shepherds Bush to Falkirk Gardens abt 1951. We left to return to my mothers home town of West Hartlepool in 1955. My parents were Arthur and Hilda Sawyer and at that time I was the eldest of 4 boys-John, Peter, Alan and David and the 3 eldest of us attended Greenfields School.
Attached are some photos of the Coronation Party, my mother was on the organising Committee (mentioned in the archive report) and my brother Peter won the fancy dress, he is wearing a top hat in some of the photos.
Don’t remember too much about our time living at 8 Falkirk Gardens other than spending hours playing football and cricket in the square outside the house, as well as exploring the woods at the top of Blackford Road. Also had a very unpleasant experience of losing two front teeth playing “golf” with a metal bar and having to have the remains of my two teeth extracted by a dentist whose surgery was in one of the council houses on the estate.

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  • Sincere apologies for the delay in adding these photographs to the website. Some of the best photographs I have seen of ‘Coronation Parties’ on the South Oxhey Estate. Many thanks for sharing them.

    By Susan Waller (02/08/2022)