Growing up in South Oxhey

50's and 60's

By June Angell

My mum and dad moved to South Oxhey in the early fifties and I was born (June O’Kelly) in 1955, I had three brothers and two sisters who were all quite a bit older then me. I went to Greenfields primary school which wasn’t far from where we lived in Morriston Close, my friend who lived next door to us Jackie Freeman also started school with me at the same time. Life was good growing up in South Oxhey with my friends Jackie and Tina Freeman and Sharon Westmas as well as other friends that we made along the way.

My dad managed a South Oxhey football team when I was a very young child, and my brother Alan was in a band called the Ricochets who played locally and entered a competition that was held at Watford Town Hall in the sixties. There was often footballers and Alan’s band members at our house, and the band used to sometimes rehearse in our front room.

After I left Greenfields primary school in 1966 I went to Clarendon senior school, I spent the first year there, and then Clarendon and Hampden senior school in Oxhey Lane became one school so i attended Hampden for the second year, and then back to Clarendon until I left in 1971. Most of my school life was ok although I hated the year at Hampden but did ok in my CSE exams and went on to work at the Prudential offices in Watford.

I lived at Morriston Close until 1975 and then moved to Hemel Hempstead, my mum and dad and brother lived there until 1977.

I am so glad my brother Alan found this site as it brings back lots of memories. 

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  • Hi everyone, not been on here for a while but reading lots of the comments brings back memories of all of you that wrote them, hope your all doing well. Does anyone know where Sharon Westmass is now, I was really good friends with her & have looked on all social media sites to find her but without success.

    By June Angell (08/10/2022)
  • Nice comments,I use to play for Oxhey l Labour Club 1974 75 born on estate 1952,went to Woodhall School,across from Hampden school.left in 68,anyone who remembers Johnny Day,live in NZ now,

    By John day (19/05/2022)
  • I recently lost my lovely brother Grant Penniston to cancer, and discovered this website when looking for some pictures of his time in the Clarendon School band. Which he loved dearly. I have such wonderful memories of growing up in Barnhurst Path and South Oxhey and sadly lost touch with my two best mates Ken Watkinson,and Bob Milroy when we moved to Luton when I was 11. I remember Richard Morgan who’s Mum often had me round after school until my Mum finished work. Peter Fowler too, my friend and arch rival at Greenfields.
    Many more of the names mentioned bring back all those lovely memories, and I hope you are doing well.
    As for me, I am 66 and semi retired ,and living by the sea in Dorset, enjoying visits from own kids, and my three grandchildren.

    By Chris Penniston (30/07/2021)
  • Hi June, I remember you at school. Occasionally catch up with some old school members. John Elliott at The Jets, Pete Homes now and again. Pamela Dowding is my sister in law. Last time I saw you I was married to Liz McGuiness who had been out with your brother in Law Jimmy!!!. I now live in Brentford but still return to the Estate as my sister Georgette sitill lives in Embleton Road.

    By William (Bill) Flanagan (29/05/2020)
  • As well as Jackie/June et al I remember Peter Holmes, Peter Dobson, Tina Roberts (?), Gill ??
    Miss Newlands ( not Nugent ) and Mr Davies who taught J4 whilst I was at Greenfields – he drove a green Mini Cooper and thought himself a cool dude !!

    By Richard Morgan (13/05/2019)
  • I remember June and Jackie, John Lovelock, Christopher Penniston, Sue Turner, Judy Howard, Mavis Keep , Peter Fowler ( and his older bother John ?? ), etc.
    Mrs Boyle, Miss Nugent, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Wiggins, Mrs. Williams, Mr Hart and headmasters Mr. Donaldson and then Mr Roberts
    I left Greenfields in Summer 1966 and thru various and nefarious ways now live in the Basingstoke area.

    By Richard Morgan (05/03/2019)
  • I lived in Harborne Close South Oxhey until I was 5 before we moved to Slough. Even though I was so little iI still have very fond memories of several terms I did at Greenfields, the little park at the end of the shops, the paper shop where Mum got my jelly tots or smarties, and lovely memories of lots of happy times round at my Nanny & Grandads in Morriston close.

    By Karen Peart (was Skelly) (23/02/2018)
  • I remember you and your family well Ken Watkinson, I had a real crush on you when we were kids lol. I also remember the Devareouxs, the Blakenys, the Sheens lived next door to us and my mum was good friends with Sally Sheen, and I also remember the Trevor Highland.

    By June Angell (O'Kelly) (17/05/2017)
  • Sorry don’t know the Penistons , lived next door to Mr. & Mrs. Stephens and Mr. Lee – Where did the Penistons live?

    By linda humphrys (14/07/2016)
  • If i remember rightly  you lived next door to the Penistons? Bonnie went to school with me and Chris was my best friend before they moved to Luton so many years ago.

    By ken watkinson (08/06/2016)
  • I lived in Barnhurst Path and went to Clarendon School, bit older now 67.  Went to school with Sheila Clayton, Susan Reuss. Linda Dent,do remember the Devereux, probably Stephen and Trevor Highland.

    By linda humphrys (15/05/2016)
  • I too lived in Morriston Close and remember you and the Freemans well, my sister Gillian and her family still live in the same house.Do you remember the Devareouxs, Blakenys. John Sheen, Trevor Highland wonder were they are all now?

    By ken watkinson (30/11/2015)