Werewolves and horror

Steve Feasey comes to Oxhey Library

By Beverley Small

Steve's books
by Beverley Small
Queueing for Steve's autograph
by Beverley Small
Steve Feasey's talk at the library
by Beverley Small

A group of excited young people came to listen to Steve Feasey talk about horror at Oxhey Library on Thursday 16th September 2010.  They were not disappointed.

Be afraid, be very afraid

Steve told us some fantastically interesting facts about the main horror creatures, which are vampires, demons, ghosts, werewolves and zombies.  Particularly useful were the 5 ways to kill a vampire, well you never know when you might need that sort of information, especially if you visit Romania.

Local lad

Steve grew up in South Oxhey, he lived in Gosforth Lane and went to Sir James Altham School.  He was an avid reader and spent a lot of time in Oxhey Library.  He started writing the Changeling series in his 30s and is now a full-time author.  His favourite authors include Stephen King, Charles Dickens and Elmore Leonard.

Have you read any of Steve’s books, or any other horror stories?  Who is your favourite werewolf?  Why not leave us a comment below?

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  • I am a big Steve Feasey fan and have read all three of his books which are excellent. While Trey Laporte of “The Changeling” series is a great portrayal of a werewolf he is second only to Michael J Fox’s werewolf persona in the film Teenwolf. Wins hands down if only for pure 80’s cheesy comedy fun!

    By Emma Scott (01/10/2010)
  • I can’t decide if my favourite werewolf is George from Being Human or Professor Lupin from Harry Potter.

    By Beverley Small (20/09/2010)