Mobile shop

Shopping in South Oxhey in 1949

By Beverley Small

The mobile shop 1949
Hertfordshire Libraries
Shopping at the mobile shop 1949
Hertfordshire Libraries
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  • What fun to find these photographs. Lipton’s stores also had a mobile shop, staffed by my father in law a Mr George Creasy. In fact I may have met my wife his daughter Janet in the shop she would have been around 5years old in 1952. Many years later we met again working for the RAC and married. 28/09/17

    By Alex Prowse (28/09/2017)
  • These photographs are brilliant and I remember them well, I also remember that a lot of deliveries were made by horse drawn vehicles like the milkman and coalman – my job was to gather up the the mess the horses made as my father, being a keen gardener, had a lovely garden which was fed with the manure on a regular basis – it also gave us lots of veggies grown on his allotment.

    By Josephine Parsons (Nee Searle) (05/05/2011)