Moving in

Happy memories

By Mrs Mary Robinson

I moved to the estate in June 1951.  We were given a two bedroom house in Arbroath Green and I had two children aged 4 years and 9 months.  There wasn’t any proper pavements or roads, it was just mud.


The shops weren’t all finished and we had to walk over to Carpenders Park to go to the Post Office.  There wasn’t a library but a van came round the streets with books etc that we had to sign for, I think it was weekly.  Also a Fish & Chip van came round in the evenings, it was all very friendly while we waited to get served.

Mud and gardens

There was only mud in the front and back of the houses so we all had fun starting from scratch growing flowers and vegetables and comparing each others ideas.

The doctor, coalman, insurance man and rent man

I seem to remember the Doctors was down Gosforth Lane and down a path at the side, also the Church was a much smaller one than we have now.  So many memories and very happy ones as the years have gone by.  Also the Coalman, and Insurance Man and the Rent Man came weekly.



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  • We moved into Arbroath Green in 1953. I believe Mary Robinson’s youngest was called Billy? My mother and father were Bill and Lynn Hall

    By Peter Hall (31/12/2022)