Very Happy Memories

By Barbara Birch

I had a very happy and interesting childhood, living in South Oxhey.  I could never understand why some people were anti “‘ council house people”‘ it was a childs paradise with lots of open space to play, we lived in Sidmouth Close and our house backed onto the golf course, which we would cross and play in the woods for hours. My first school , 1951, was Little Furze mixed infants, then Clarendon Secondary Modern.  We would walk to both rain or shine often snow. one of my vivid memories is of the school band, our group of girls each had our eye on a different one.They played at assembly looking very smart in their blazers. we had several excursions, we went to Wales for a week.I loved every part of my school years, exept maths, I was hopeless at it, very funny really my first job at 16 was in a chartered accountants office.We lived for a short while in Bramshaw Gardens,then moved to Harrow when my dad remarried. After I married my husband our little girl and I emigrated to Australia, first to Western Australia, after 25 years my husband and I went our separate ways. When my son in law got posted to New South Wales, with the Airforce, I came too.They are now in Canberra and my second daughter lives in Queensland. Would love to hear your news if you remember me.

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  • Came upon this page while researching my family tree. Wondered why this story sounded familiar! Barbara Birch is my mother and I am the first little girl mentioned in her story.

    By Amanda Doll (27/12/2021)