Little Oxhey Lane

A view over the houses towards Woodhall Lane

By Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Susan Waller (nee Davidson)

Photograph taken from the balcony of the shops in Little Oxhey Lane in 1968.

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  • The house on the right was my home 69 I was 17 years old it was no 8 Caldwell Rd.

    By david smith (28/09/2013)
  • These houses could be classified as earthquake proof. First the foundations were laid, then the steel frame was erected, the roof which I believe was asbestos formed was fitted using a walking stick shape bolt which anchored to the steel frame, then the top of the house was clad in bright galvanised steel sheet followed by expanded wire mesh being hung from the middle to the foundation, and then rendered with a cement based plaster. The inner wall was covered in a form of horse hair felt for insulation, which was then covered by hardboard. Each semi had a solid fire in the centre with a steel chimney which was boxed in manner enabling air to circulate around it, adjustable grilles were fitted to allow convection of heat to rise to rooms above a form of early central heating. All plumbing was installed internally, no outside pipes to freeze.

    By Arthur Hall (23/03/2011)