A History of Clarendon School, South Oxhey

by David Reidy

By John Swain

After more than 12 months of research, David Reidy has completed a detailed history of Clarendon School, South Oxhey. This is his fourth book on the former London County Council Estate (Poor but Proud, 2012, Carpenders Park Station, 2014, and Hampden School, 2015).

The A4 softback publication contains more than 220 pages, with numerous illustrations in the form of maps, diagrams, plans and photographs, some of which appear for the first time in full colour. Seven chapters cover the short history of the School, from the beginning in 1947-51 until the closure of Sir James Altham in 1989. These are followed by a series of detailed appendices, including official reports and documents, journal articles, school prospectuses (1956 and 1965), as well as comprehensive lists of full-time teaching staff, prize winners and exam results. There is even a complete reproduction of the School Magazine, Clarendon Ranger! Appendix H contains the memories of more than a dozen former staff and pupils who recall their time at Clarendon during the 1950s and 1960s. This is followed in turn by a selection of class photographs.

This book should appeal to all those people who were involved in this fine School: pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and friends. The book is available from David Reidy, 61, Deepfield Way, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2SR. Tel: 0208 668 2991. Email: davidreidy61@aol.com

An informal launch of A History of Clarendon School, South Oxhey, has been arranged for 2pm on Saturday, October 8, 2016, in the All Saints ASCEND Building, Gosforth Lane, where books will be on sale at £15 each. Light refreshments will also be provided and, if the weather is fine, a nostalgic walk will be undertaken around the former site of the School.

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  • Mr Hartley – You were still there when the schools combined in to Sir James Altham. You used to teach ballroom dancing with Mrs Winters.

    By Richard Munro (03/12/2020)
  • I joined the staff of the new Sir James Altham ( Sir Jimmy’s) in 1967, straight from college. There were about 20 of us newbies, totally at loss with a timetable that put us in the Clarendon block for one lesson followed 2 minutes later at the Hampden school! No wonder we were frazzled. I left in the middle of producing Oliver in 1971 but brought the kids from my new school to a matinee and performed in the show. I was a lot younger then! I was also in the show at The Palace in Watford the night Roger Elliot died. A tragic loss for us all.

    By Chris Hartley (16/12/2018)
  • My dad, Michael Chandler attended Clarendon School, not sure which years though. If anyone has any pictures or stories of him, I would love to see/hear them.
    Joanne Chandler

    By Joanne Chandler (15/10/2018)
  • Hi. I just found this page. Where can I get a copy of this book for my Husband? We live in Cyprus therefore it would need to be posted. Many thanks & kind regards
    Kim Farmer

    By Kim Farmer (24/01/2018)
  • Hello Kim

    Copies of this book are available from David Reidy:
    Telephone: 0208 668 2991
    E.mail : davidreidy61@aol.com
    Or on e.bay

    By Susan Waller (24/01/2018)
  • I was a pupil from age 12 to 17 when I was recommended by the head master Mr Stewart? to attend Watford Technical College on a one year pre aprentice scheme

    By ray stroud (03/09/2017)
  • The first print run of the History of Clarendon School has sold out and further copies are being ordered (May 2017).

    By John Swain (13/05/2017)